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Why move when you can improve?

A tight supply of houses for sale is making buying a home a challenge in the Denver Metro area.

Because of a lack of inventory of homes, there is often a rush of offers when properties do become available making it harder for shoppers to find affordable properties.

Consider the costs of moving to a new home. The home selling and purchase prices are only part of the picture. What about closing costs, property tax values, interest rates, the cost to get the home on the market, unforeseen home inspection items – to name a few? A move can cost $4K to $6K (not including closing costs) on the low end. Check out this 10 Reasons Moving Always Costs More Than You Think article.

Ugh –  packing and unpacking!

Consider adopting a ‘don’t move, improve’ attitude to your current property.

Take the money you would spend to move and instead remodel your current home.

If you like your neighborhood and your neighbors, staying put and improving or extending could prove a cost-effective alternative to changing properties.

Start by creating a wish list about your current home. With your list in hand, your next step should be to consult with a contractor or architect to get a rough idea of whether your current house can become what you want, and at what cost.

Remodeling: Is it worth investing in your home?

AAA Home Improvements can draw up a quick sketch of proposed renovations and provide a ballpark estimate to help you decide whether remodeling is your best route. Contact us today (720) 981-4269 to set up a complimentary consultation. Fill out our questionnaire and we will contact you to schedule an in home project estimate at no cost.

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