Pop Top Additions

As a leading pop top addition contractor in the metro area, we’ve helped dozens of families discover fantastic new living spaces by converting their ranch home into a two-story addition. These type of home additions add valuable living space, enhance exterior design and most importantly, they substantially add  value to your home. All without adversely impacting the size of your yard or outdoor living spaces. 



There are many factors to consider and processes that need to be in place before you begin. We can help you through every step of the process, from verifying zoning to architectural design. Our turnkey service takes you through every step, resulting in an amazing addition to your home.



Our approach to delivering a fantastic pop top addition is as follows:


We don’t want to change the architectural style of your home. Instead, we take design cues from the existing structure and  integrate them into the addition. This includes establishing roof lines that are complimentary to the flow of the neighborhood.



We also minimize the negative impact a second story addition will have on your neighbors. It may be an issue of blocking an existing view or avoiding a design that limits privacy for both you and your neighbor.



Finally, we work with a wide array building material suppliers that can match exterior elements like brick, stone or siding. This is an important factor because the new addition must maintain the historical look of the home.

If you are interested in finding out more about our pop top contractor services, please request a Free Estimate and we can get started answering your questions.

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