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Is your house a perpetual disaster zone of toys on the floor? Did you just spend the summer holed up in your bedroom while your kids and their friends took over the family room?

You may need a “kid cave”.

Just like a man cave, a kid cave is a room (usually in the basement) offering all the activities your kids love.  Depending on the age and activities of your children, this can mean a range of things.

It could be as simple as an open area for play.  However, it’s likely you’ll want a media area as well. And you’ll pat yourself on the back if you add built-in storage.

Finally, make this a family affair and decide on the details with your kids. From color schemes to storage solutions to furniture, there are many options. Come up with ideas  that the whole family really likes.

As a design / build firm, we can help you with layout of your basement kid cave. And once the design is complete, AAA Home Improvements will manage and finish the project with our talented skilled craftsmen!