Additional Dwelling Unit

ADU Accessory Dwelling Unit

The Basics of and ADU's

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU’s) has many different names including carriage houses, garage apartments, alley flats, or in-law quarters. This is a second home on your property that can be attached or detached.

In 2010 the zoning in Denver changed to allow for ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Unit) to be built on certain properties. Most properties in Arvada, Wheat Ridge and Lakewood also allow for these homes to be built.

Common purposes for an ADU include home office, apartment type space for short or long term visitors, and rental property. This is a great opportunity for homeowners to create additional space for family and/or possibly create rental income.

For more information about the particular requirements within the City & County of Denver, please go to “Project Guide for Detached Dwelling Units”.

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Additional Dwelling Unit
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